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Tallaght Castles

Tallaght Castle

Tallaght Castle
In about 1310 a wall was built around what was then the small village of Tallaght. This was to defend the inhabitants from attack from the O’Byrne and O’Toole families. In 1324, the Archbishop of Dublin, Alexander de Bickner, ordered work to start on the construction of a castle, but we know it was not finished until 1349. The edge of the Pale stretched from Tallaght to Bray, and this was usually guarded by soldiers stationed along these walls and castles. Also, watchmen were employed on the surrounding hills to signal the approach of any enemies. It is likely that Tallaght Castle was quite large, square-shaped, with a courtyard in the center, surrounded by high walls and buildings.


Bancroft’s Castle
A small castle called Bancroft’s Castle also stood in Tallaght, near where the Greenhills Road meets Tallaght village today. Very little is known about this castle: when it was built, what purpose it served, or who lived there.


 In years gone by, the boundary of the Pale ran through Tallaght. There was a number of castles in the area which helped to defend the lands of the Pale from attack. One of the best known was called Tymon castle, which stood where the park is now since the 15th century.  Unfortunately, it became dangerous and had to be knocked down in 1960. Before that it was a popular spot for Dubliners to visit for a picnic, many of whom travelled there on the Blessington tram.

The castle itself was a square keep with an arched entrance, and from its windows soldiers could see for miles because of its high position. Over the entrance was a small gallery that stuck out: it was used to pour boiling liquid on top of unwanted visitors! This castle could be seen from miles around, and at that time was surrounded by marshy land. All in all, this castle would have been very difficult to attack!


Jobstown Castle
Jobstown Castle was built by the Fitzwilliam family in the 13th century. Over the years the castle changed hands many times, and its various owners changed and updated it as best they could. It was demolished in 1890.

Belgard Castle photo

Belgard Castle
Belgard Castle stood near where Newlands Cross is today. It was an important fortress to help defend the Pale from attackers. It was also the residence of one of the most powerful families in Ireland, the Talbots. Other members of this family owned Malahide Castle north of Dublin. In 1414, the King’s Lieutenant of Ireland was John Talbot, and in 1419 the Archbishop of Dublin and Chancellor of Ireland was Richard Talbot. For many years, Belgard Castle was the scene of many battles between the Talbots and local tribes such as the O’Tooles and the O’Byrnes.



Kilnamanagh Castle
Kilnamanagh Castle was built in 1169, on the site of the old monastery. It was situated about a mile from Tymon Castle, and at one time it had a moat all around it to help defend it.

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