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Monastic Tallaght
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In the year 769 A.D. St. Maelruain founded a monastery in Tallaght, and although it was destroyed by Viking raiders, it was rebuilt and survived for many years. This monastery, and another in Finglas, grew to such importance as to be called “the eyes of Ireland”. St. Aengus later joined St. Maelruain in Tallaght.

It is believed, however, that even before this, a monastery existed in Tallaght, where Kilnamanagh is today. It was founded in the sixth century by St. Eoghan. And that is how Kilnamanagh got its name: Cill na Manaigh—church of the monks

Also in the sixth century, St. Santain is said to have established a
Monastery in Glenasmole. This monastery was known as Kilnasantain: the church of St. Santain

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