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Timeline of Tallaght’s Past

Neolithic Period (between 4,500 BC and 2,000 BC)

The remains of tombs such as passage graves and dolmens in the hills around Tallaght tell us that the greater Tallaght area was populated at that time.

Bronze Age (2,000 BC to 400 BC)

During this period of Irish history, burial practices gradually changed, with single burials in small structures called cists becoming more common. Graves like this have been found over a wide area around Tallaght in places such as Brittas, Saggart, Ballymount and Glencullen.

Iron Age (400 BC to 400 AD)

A number of ring forts have been found in the greater Tallaght area, which tells us that Iron Age people lived in the area.

Early Christian Times (400 AD to 1,000 AD)

Monasteries and holy sites existed in Tallaght where St. Maelruain’s church stands today, at Kilnamanagh, Glenasmole, Saggart and Clondalkin (where the round tower still stands).

769 AD St. Maelruain founded a monastery at Tallaght village

811 AD The monastery was attacked by Viking raiders.

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Medieval Times (1,000 AD to 1,500 AD)

You can still see the medieval bell-tower at St. Maelruain’s. This was once part of a medieval church which has since been destroyed. Most of the castles which once stood in Tallaght, as watch-posts of the edge of the Pale, have been destroyed. However, a Tower House, built in Medieval times, is still standing in the grounds of St. Mary’s Priory in Tallaght village. To read more:

At this time Tallaght village was surrounded by walls, which were protected by a number of watch towers and castles.

1169 A castle was built in Kilnamanagh, on the site of the old monastery

1324-1349 The archbishops of Dublin built a stone castle on the site where St. Maelruain’s monastery once stood.

Modern Times (1800 - Present)

1834 Tallaght National School was opened

1867 The “Battle of Tallaght” took place

1888 The Dublin to Blessington tram had its first journey. It operated until 1932.

1970 – modern Tallaght is built…. To read more:

1990 The Square Shopping Centre opens its doors

2004 The Luas comes to Tallaght

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